„She is the life and the joy, crazy, beautiful in her world„
- Paradise

  • Cheriefou
  • Dez 6, 2019

Sustainable Fashion art shooting by Tom Wagner


We  create  clothes  for  those  who see  themselves  as independent  and  empowered  individuals. Those who choose to underline their  charme and embrace  their personality with  confidence  by  the  garments  they  wear.‘  Cheriefou‘s  visual  identity  is  clear  but versatile. Every collection  has a new concept,  timeless  and elegant,  all inspiration fusioning  into fabric, structure and shape. Designer Morgan d. Zola describes his  designs as a form of  wearable  art.  With his  congolese-angolan  roots, growing up with his mother  that  worked in fashion,  travelling  the  world working as a model  and actor,  you  can  sense  the  spirit  of  sophistication    and  the  merge  of  different  cultural influences in Chériefou‘s language and design. Fashion  is  a tool of  expression.  We  communicate  a message through what we are wearing. A statemtent.  It  is a way to  express and underline  our personalities, a certian mood. It  is incredibly playful. That‘s what  we  love  about  it.  We  want our pieces to  be a real  treasure  to  the  owner, to  feel  in harmony with the  world and to  make their  own story become a part of  Chériefou.