We create clothes for those who see themselves as independent and empowered individuals, those who choose to emphasize their charm and confidently embrace their personality through the clothes they wear. The visual identity of Chèriefou is clear but versatile. Each collection has a new concept, timeless and elegant, and all the inspiration flows into fabric, structure and form. The designer describes his form of wearable art. With his Congolese-Angolan roots, as a model, actor and America Football traveled the world feeling the sophistication and the merging of different cultural influences in Chériefous v Garcons des Fou (Urban Iroi) language and design. Fashion is a means of expression. We communicate a message through what we wear. A statement is a way of expressing and emphasizing our personality, a certain mood, a certain mood. That's what we love about them both. We want our pieces to be a real treasure for their owners, to feel in harmony with the world and to make their own story part of Cheriefou.